Assistant Professor


Department of Veterinary Microbiology & Animal Biotechnology
Nagpur Veterinary College
MAFSU, Nagpur
Ph. 0712-2510087
Fax. 25100883,
Mobile:  +(91)9765712029


2000-2004 Ph.D. Veterinary Virology Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, India.
1998-2000 M.V.Sc Veterinary Virology Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, India.
1993-1998 B.V.Sc. &A.H. (DVM) Dr.P.D.K.V., Nagpur Veterinary College Nagpur.

Professional Experience:

7/2009-till date Assistant professor Department of Veterinary Microbiology &Animal Biotechnolgy,
Nagpur Veterinary College, MAFSU, Nagpur
6/ 2008- 7/2009 Research Scientist-I National AIDS Research Institute, Pune

Project Clinical trial:

  1. Viral load testing and reporting, cataloguing    of Processed clinical samples, for Clinical Trials under different worldwide projects viz. ACTG, HPTN052 and MIT, NACO and other project
  2. Postdoctoral Research Associate North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


  1. MicroRNA profiling of Chicken: developmental stage, Bursa, Spleen and Liver. 2) Marek’s disease virus:-Characterization of antimeq gene and its contribution to virus pathogenesis
  2. Doctoral Research Molecular characterization of L2 and M5 genes of Bluetongue virus serotype 18 and 23.
  3. Associated with other projects: poxvirus taxonomy project and worked on the viral immunogenic gene P3
  4. Master Research Studies on development of inactivated monovalent vaccine against Bluetongue virus.
  5. Veterinary Physician, (Small and Large Animal Practice) Vet-Clinic, Khamari, Tah-Dist:- Bhandara, Maharashtra.

Projects Handled:

Title of Project

Funding Agency

Date of sanction and Duration

Principle Investigator
Deciphering role of miRNA in chicken embryonic developmental pathology and its evaluation as therapeutics in immune suppressed chicks.

DST, Govt. of India, New Delhi


Epidemiological studies on classical swine fever in central India & Goa

DBT, GOI, New Delhi


Co- Investogator
DBT-Funded Project Sanctioned “ Molecular epidemiology of Brucellosis” ( Co-PI)

DBT,GOI New Delhi



Saliant Achievements:

  1. Contributed for development of Recombinant protein based ELISA (Launched by ICAR) for diagnosis of  Bluetongue virus.    
  2. Identified novel microRNAs in developing chicken embryos.
  3. Identified novel microRNAs in immunological important organs in chicken.
  4. First to define the emergence of polyclonal escape mutant of BTV leading to   thrust  for adaptation of molecular tools for characterization  of BTV over serological typing.
  5.  First to published full length genetic makeup important viral genes of BTV  serotypes 18 & 23.
  6. First to develop a   successful BEI inactivated experimental vaccine for BTV Indian isolates.

 Top Five Research Papers:

  1. Tembhurne P,A., Mondal B, Pathak K.B., Biswas S.K., Sanyal A, Yadav M.P., Bandyopadhyay S.K. and Singh R. K. (2010). Segment-2 sequence analysis and cross-neutralization studies on some Indian bluetongue viruses suggest isolates are VP2-variants of serotype 23. Arch Virol. 155(1):89-95. Epub 2009 Nov 21.
  2. Hicks J *., Tembhurne  P.A*., Liu H.C.(2009). Identification of microRNA in the developing chick immune organ. Immunogentics, Mar;61(3):231-40.  (* contribute equally).
  3. Hicks J., Tembhurne P.., Liu H. C. (2008). MicroRNAs  expression in chicken embryos.. Poultry Science. Nov; 87 (11):2335-43.
  4. Pathak K B, Biswas S K, Tembhurne P A, Hosamani M, Bhanuprakash V, Prasad G, Singh R K, Mondal B. (2008). Prokaryotic expression of truncated VP7 of bluetongue (BTV) and reactivityof the purified recombinant protein with all BTV type-specific sera. Jour. Of Virol. Methods 15(2008) 6-12.
  5. B.Mondal, A.K.Bera., M. Hosamani., Tembhurne P.A., S.K.Bandyopadhyay ( 2006). Detection  of Orf virus from an outbreak in goats and its genetic relation with other parapoxviruses .Vet Res Commun.  Jul;30(5):531-9.

Awards and Fellowship :

2000-2004  Recipient of Indian Veterinary Research Institute Senior Research Fellowship for Ph.D.
1998-2000 Recipient of Indian Council of Agriculture Research -Junior Research Fellowship for M.V.Sc.  in veterinary virology
1997 Selected for Indian Council of Agriculture Research- Junior Research Fellowship in veterinary parasitology.


Professional Affilation:

2010-Life member :  Indian Association  for the  Advancement of Veterinary Research
1998-present  Indian Council of Veterinary Science registered veterinary practitioner.
1998-present  Maharashtra State Veterinary Council registered veterinary practitioner