Dr. J. Sridhar

Project Faculty


UGC-Networking Resource Centre in Biological Sciences,
School of Biological Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai-625021
Phone: +91-452-2458212, Fax: +91-452-2459873, Mobile: +919751648767
E.mail: jsridhar@nrcbsmku.org

Education: M. Sc., Ph.D

Professional experience:

  • Faculty, School of Biological Sciences from February 2011
  • Post Doctoral Scientist, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria (2010-2011)
  • Visiting Doctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute of Infection Biology, Berlin, Germany (2009 - 2010)
  • Visiting Doctoral Fellow, Department of III, University of Leicester, United Kingdom (2007-2009)
  • Research Fellow, School of Biotechnology, MKU, Madurai, India from 2004-2009

Projects handled:

S.No Title of the Project Funding Agency Years of Project Operation
1. Construction of computational platform for the identification of non-coding small RNAs and small ORFs in bacteria DBT 2012-2015
2. Analysis and identification of prophage mediated genome evolution in Salmonella spp. UGC 2012-2015
3. Identification of micro RNAs of the Potyviridae family CSIR 2012-2015 (Co-PI)

Salient achievements:

  • Computational methods for the identification of ‘novel’ sRNAs in prokaryotes
  • First reported sRNAs as ‘Hotspots’ for integration of alien genetic pools
  • Developed the database on Enterobacterial sRNAs
  • Experimentally identified and mapped six transcripts in S. typhimurium LT2
  • Function of ‘Js1’ sRNA targeting STM0938 was characterized in S. typhimurium LT2
  • Methodology for pentaplex PCR designed for the diagnosis of human specific Salmonella spp.

Top five research papers:

Sridhar, J. Narmada, S. Sabarinathan, R., Ou, H-Y. Deng, Z. Sekar, K. Rafi, Z.A and Rajakumar, K. sRNAscanner: a transcriptional signal-based bio-computational method for the detection of non-coding small RNAs in bacterial genomes. IF: 4.59, Citations: 21


2010, (8):e11970.

Ganesh Babu, M.M., Sridhar, J. and Gunasekaran, P (2011). Global transcriptome analysis of Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 in response to silver nitrate stress. IF: 3.85, Citations: 4

Journal of Nanobiotechnology (BioMed Central)

2011, 9: 49.

Sridhar, J., Sabarinathan, R., Gunasekaran, P. and Sekar, K. (2012). Comparative genomics reveals 'novel' Fur regulated sRNAs and coding genes in diverse Proteobacteria. IF: 2.5



Sridhar, J and Rafi, Z.A. Small RNA identification in Enteroabcteriaceae using synteny and genomic backbone retention, IF: 2.441, citations: 16

OMICS (Marrie Ann Liebert Publications, USA)

2007, Vol. 11: 74-99.

Sridhar, J and Rafi, Z.A. Identification of novel genomic islands associated with small RNAs. IF: 1.1*,citations: 13

In Silico Biology (IOS Press, Netherlands)

2007, Vol. 7:601-611.

Awards and recognitions:

  1. ICMR travel grant – Govt. of India tenable at Malaysia (2011)
  2. Post Doctoral Fellowship - AAS, Austria (2010-2011).
  3. Visiting Doctoral Fellowship - MPIIB, Germany (2009-2010)
  4. UGC-Commonwealth Split-site Doctoral award - CSC, United Kingdom (2007-2009).
  5. DST-ITS travel grant – Govt. of India tenable at Singapore (2009).
  6. Recipient, Junior and Senior Research Fellowship – DBT Govt. of India (2004–2009).

Professional affiliations:

  1. Life member – Biotech Research Society of India (BRSI)
  2. Member – International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB)
  3. Member - APBionet
  4. Member – Society of Biological Chemists in India (SBCI)